Volume 8, Number 2 • Spring 2006


Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Goes Electronic



In November of 2005, the Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering was the first of the 29 ASCE journals to switch to electronic submission and electronic review using commercial software. ASCE has adopted the Editorial Manager software of the Aries Systems Corporation for the Journal and plans in the next two or three years to use this software for all of its journals. Editorial Manager is used by over 1600 scholarly journals. Customizing the software for the Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering and testing of the system started in the spring of 2005. According to the Journal editor, William Ritter, the software is user friendly and easy for authors and reviewers to use.


One of the problems Ritter has encountered is getting potential reviewers to register online to review papers. A mass e-mailing was sent out in early November inviting people who had reviewed papers in the past to register as a reviewer on the system. The response to the invitation was relatively low. It may also be you did not receive the e-mail invitation because some of the e-mails the editor had on file had changed and the e-mails bounced back. The editor invites anybody who is not registered as a reviewer and is interested in reviewing papers for the Journal to go online and register. The website to register as both an author and reviewer is http://www.editorialmanager.com/jnireng/default.asp. The Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering covers all phases of irrigation, drainage, engineering hydrology and related water management subjects such as watershed management, weather modification, water quality, groundwater and surface water. The Journal emphasizes new developments and results of research, as well as case studies and practical applications of engineering. If you have expertise in any of the subjects listed in this article the editor invites you to register as a reviewer. Also if you have any comments or questions about the Journal contact the editor, William Ritter, at writter@udel.edu.